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Definition: FBO == Fixed Base Operator; A business situated at the airport
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Description and Motivation:
In the aviation industry, FBO's have very little selection when choosing aircraft scheduling and accounting software. I propose an open source solution that will provide online aircraft scheduling, dispatch, customer tracking, billing, and point of sales.

There are two major players in online aircraft scheduling: ScheduleMaster and MyFBO. Both services are very professional, but the problem for many FBO's is that the payment schedule for both of these systems is per aircraft. It is my understanding that aircraft fly only fly 3-5% of the year. The rest of the time, they are sitting on the tarmac waiting for a customer. A per aircraft system quickly becomes too expensive for the medium sized FBO and it is just one more expense to pass on to the customer.

I would like to see an open source FBO management package built on a web based client/server architecture. I propose this system be built upon PostgresQL and MySQL, written in PHP, and served by Apache. And wouldn't you know it, there is already a great open source project out there called Meeting Room Booking System (MRBS) that runs on PostgresQL or MySQL, is written in PHP, and served by Apache. MRBS provides a slick web interface for scheduling meeting rooms and displaying that information. I believe OpenFBO would be best implemented as an extension of MRBS.

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